Welcome To Oblivion Gaming

Owners: Flux and THUNDERCAT

Admins: DaliaTM, Markers Duh O_O, CopyRightNoP, and Lucifer.

Senior Moderators: RestingStarz, christianje97, Patrick Swayze, and Nagito

Moderators: Canadian Brit, Andy_Dwyer, Princess Frieza, Mighty, MILK MAN, Red Noises, Phon, and Grammar Nazi

Trial Staff:

Staff Apps: Open

Staff Applications are open!

New Host

I'm eager to announce that we will be once again switching host providers for the server! This will help tone down lag as well as help us introduce other new things. The IP to the new server is

19.12.2017 18:23 by THUNDERCAT

New Skins

We've added new skins to the server, like Superman and Big Smoke! Join and check them out!
23.11.2017 19:55 by THUNDERCAT

Crashing when connecting

If your client is crashing when you are connecting you will need to unmount TF2 from your game. You can do that by going into your escape menu and pressing the controller beside the flag and then clicking the box beside TF2
24.10.2017 13:39 by Flux



Sprays - !sprays

Achievements - !achieve

Harpoon power round


Darth Maul

Daft Punk

More will be added


Throat paralyzer

23.10.2017 00:37 by Flux

Branching Out

I’m very excited to announce that Oblivion is planning to expand outside of TTT! With our first expansion being our Oblivion Gaming Prop Hunt server. Updates will still be made to TTT, and we aren’t abandoning it, just growing! To join the server click here: steam://connect/ 
21.10.2017 16:39 by THUNDERCAT

Prop Hunt Server

A Prophunt server has been set up for now. Will be trying it out so come play!


19.10.2017 23:58 by Flux

Special Rounds

Special Rounds have been added, so now every 10th round is different. 

Gamemodes include:

Team Deathmatch

Knife Battle

Headshot Only

Disguised Mode

Low Gravity

And many others!

16.10.2017 20:20 by THUNDERCAT

Permanent Weapons

Permanent rifles, SMGS and pistols have been added to the pointshop. They're unlockable through crates
30.09.2017 14:58 by Flux

New Legend Skins

Two new legend skins have been added to the pointshop, Pickle Rick and Deadpool
05.09.2017 13:08 by Flux

New Staff

Congrats to Zoidberg (Noodle Version), Shikikan966, RestingStarz, Lucifer., christianje97, and bvbrandon054 for all becoming our latest mods, to CopyRightNoP on becoming a senior mod, to Markers Duh O_O  on becoming our newest admin and to Duders for returning to admin! Thank you for all the hard work you do for the server!

25.08.2017 14:58 by THUNDERCAT


Congratulations to Keyfloo, MILK MAN, and (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง Fight on becoming our latest mods, and congratulations to CopyRightNoP on becoming our newest trial staff!
11.07.2017 15:51 by THUNDERCAT


Congratulations to Markers Duh O_O for becoming our newest moderator, and to keyfloo and MILK MAN for becoming our newest trial staff. 

Also this is just a reminder that  we are switching hosts. The server should be up very soon, and the server that is running right now will be shut down. Everything will be transferred to the new server and new stuff will be added that have been suggested to us. You can also add it to your favorites through the legacy browser.

The new server IP is: oblivion.game.nfoservers.com

24.06.2017 18:33 by THUNDERCAT

Switching Host

I would like to announce that we are switching host! The server should be up within this week. The server that is running right now will be shut down, everything will be transferred to the new server and new stuff will be added that have been suggested. You can also add it to your favourites through the legacy browser.

IP: oblivion.game.nfoservers.com

18.06.2017 21:06 by Flux

"Legend" Rank Giveaway/Loading Screen Contest

Attention: We have started a contest to determine a new loading screen with the winner receiving the "Legend" donation rank.

The rules are as follows:

1.) Must be original creation, stolen designs or art will be an automatic disqualification. Using art as a reference or creating a collage are allowed. 2.) Name of the community "Oblivion Gaming" must appear on the creation. 3.) No NSFW content. (Gore, Nudity / Pornography or anything that's adult content) 4.) Must allow Oblivion Owners to use or make any changes to their artwork
5.) Only one entry per entrant. (If you make more than one artwork then you must make a personal preference and submit the one you think is better.)
6.) Must be Regular+ to enter contest
7.) Submissions must be sent to the Forums' Media Thread titled: "Login Screen Contest Submissions". Any entry submitted that is not in the aforementioned thread will not be considered until it is done otherwise.

The contest will go on until July 12th and the winner will be announced soon after.


12.06.2017 14:06 by Duders

Staff Update

Congratulations to Markers Duh O_O and Matz for being our newest t-staff, and to Babuscottr for becoming mod!

If you're interested in applying for staff click here

10.06.2017 22:04 by THUNDERCAT


Congratulations to our new Senior Mod, Astro!
31.05.2017 22:54 by THUNDERCAT

New Forums

Attention Everyone: As of today we will beginning to transfer to forums.obliviongaming.co, where you will go for staff apps, ban appeals, suggestions, etc. Server hours and news will still be found on Obliviongaming.co 

31.05.2017 08:14 by THUNDERCAT

Open Applications

Staff Applications are open once again.
29.05.2017 09:53 by THUNDERCAT

Minor Update

I have removed two traitor/detective weapons.

- Dubstep Gun

- Spartan Kick

29.05.2017 09:52 by Flux

Staff Applications

Due to our amount of staff, we will no longer be looking at applications at this time. Should we decide we do need more, we will start looking and accepting, but as of right now we do not have any vacant spots.

23.05.2017 17:34 by THUNDERCAT

New Skins in the Pointshop!

Plague Doctor (Contributor)

Obi-Wan (Everyone)

15.05.2017 14:07 by Flux

Player of the Week for 4/30/2017

Congratulations on our player of the week, 4l4nx! 
30.04.2017 19:17 by THUNDERCAT

New Donation Item

You can now get the custom chat in the donation shop!
29.04.2017 23:34 by Flux

Donator Ranks 25% Off

All donator ranks are 25% off til April 29th!
22.04.2017 13:56 by Flux

New Hour Ranks!

Hello, everyone! We've added in new hour ranks. If you have enough hours for a new rank and staff doesn't realize it right away, feel free to remind them!

Here are the hour ranks:

Regular: 10 hours

Junior: 25 Hours

Senior: 50 Hours

Veteran: 75 Hours

Elite: 100 Hours

Ancient: 200 Hours

No Life: 300 Hours

The link to check your hours is here or check it out on gametracker, Just search your name!

18.04.2017 14:27 by THUNDERCAT

New Staff!

Welcome aboard our two new T-Staff graydog01 and Astro! We are still looking for more staff, you can apply here.

Our current staff is:

Owners: Flux and Toxic

Head Admins: Andy_Dwyer and THUNDERCAT

Admins: Man Spider and DaliaTM

Senior Moderators: DukeDingus and Demonobliv

Moderators: Liyokos and Movietheater67

Trial Staff: graydog01 and Astro

17.04.2017 19:45 by Flux

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